Ice Bucket Mania


By now, you’ve seen countless Ice Bucket Challenge videos and likely soaked yourself as well. This is the most fun a lot of us have had on Facebook since its inception. It’s a shared experience. And it’s for a good cause.

The exposure for ALS research has been incredible. Even if a small fraction of participants actually donate money, they have achieved gazillions of dollars worth of free publicity. But the fact is, as of this writing, over $45million has been raised since the Ice Bucket Challenge began.

It was fun to see my kids take part. I had fun shooting their videos and sharing with friends. And then my daughter challenged me – which I gladly accepted.

As with any trend that goes mainstream, there’s always a handful of naysayers and critics. Some complained of wasted water. Others said that this is not just supposed to be ALS, but the charity of your choice.

One of my Facebook friends posted this:
I don’t get it, how about screw the ice and just everyone donate 100 dollars to the cause, or even 200.00??? Maybe I’m missing something? 

He received a bunch of likes and several cynical comments that agreed with him. But lots of other friends jumped in and told him what he was missing.

My reply:
The awareness of the challenge has helped raise over $45million. It made the cause not only top of mind but participatory. A marketing home run.

Something that I found pretty cool was not only seeing the videos but actually hearing the voices of Facebook friends whom I haven’t actually seen in person in decades. It was a real glimpse into their lives beyond the usual photos and TBT’s. How soon before our ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos become our TBT’s? Will there be another surge of donations?

– Rob Schnapp (yes, I donated)