Actually there is an “i” in TEAM and that’s a good thing.

We’ve all heard that “There is no “i” in team.” This updated variation which finds the “i” hidden in the the “a-hole” has been making its way around on social media recently. And while it’s funny, it’s not really true. Your team needs an “i” in fact it needs plenty of them.

the i in team

A team is a collection of individuals coming together for a shared purpose. Just remember that ‘Winning Team’ has more i’s than ‘Losing Team.’ Here are some of the important i’s in team:

I care about my team’s success.
I will do whatever it takes to help my team.
I want to contribute to my team’s success.
I will step up and take on that extra task for my team.
I trust my teammates.
I value my teammates.
I will help any teammate who is struggling.
I applaud the efforts of my teammates.
I appreciate how my team supports my efforts.
I am proud of my team.

I bet you can think of more.

– Rob Schnapp (there’s no “i” in Rob Schnapp)