What is SPAM’s ROI?

Spam from Hormel

We all get so much SPAM every day that I have to wonder if spammers get any ROI. Of course you know that I’m not talking about the meat from the folks at Hormel. But rather junk emails and phishing expeditions.

I’m just curious. Does ANYBODY actually click on these bogus emails that manage to slip through the spam filters? You don’t need to be a grammar or spelling snob to notice how poorly crafted these messages can be. Okay, maybe “crafted” gives them too much credit. But then I can’t blame the gentleman from the Nigerian consulate for his subpar writing in a second language when he’s asking for my bank account info to help him out of a jam. But seriously, if “he” is sending this out to ten million people, is he getting any response? If can’t fathom it. But I’m guessing these things must work a little bit. Even if 0.0001% of recipients fall for it, it’s probably a win for the spammers.

Now back to the folks at Hormel for a moment. I don’t have any inside information on this but I’d say that they are brilliant for not trying to remove the trademarked word Spam from the Yahoos and Googles of the world. Think about how many times their brand is mentioned every day. If your philosophy is that “no publicity is bad publicity” then their ROI is through the roof. Actually there was no actual investment. Just restraint.

Best product placement ever as long as you don’t mind the negative association. Free media. Ya gotta love it.

– Rob Schnapp