This TV spot for Coldwater Creek is simple and terrific. How many spots do you see where you can’t remember brand? In this spot, the brand is never actually mentioned. But by mumbling the brand name, it comes through loud and clear. A bad client would have insisted upon a cheesy announcer at the end screaming […]

EDITING Everybody Loves Raymond’s classic wedding speech. It’s funny because it’s true. Part of being a good creative person is not just knowing what to create, but what to eliminate. There’s a lot to be said for brevity. When writing for video and audio, the stopwatch is your best ally. I’ve seen so many scripts that run […]

World Trade Center in the Movies The Twin Towers appeared in close to 700 movies. They were the quintessential New York City backdrop.  Often relegated to cameo appearances. But sometimes they played a major role (ie. King Kong). Their destruction was so unthinkable that they’d often meet their fictitious demise with tongue in cheek (ie. […]