Tumblr Tweet Customizer concept by Rob Schnapp. I like things nice and neat. Including my tweets. It’d be a nice added feature if I could customize the wording of the tweet that will link back to my Tumblr blog. I find the default tweet a little sloppy. Perhaps I don’t want to lead with the […]

Most Important Lesson from Hyper Island This adorable 11 month old girl is the reason advertising folks better embrace digital. She’s able to navigate an iPhone before she can even stand up on her own. It won’t be long before she’s going to make her way over to the flat screen TV and expect to […]

Great scene from Mother by Albert Brooks that features an MCI video phone. Only about 7 years before Skype. On a side note, Brooks is definitely ahead of his time with his novel 2030. I highly recommend it. And he may have been ahead of his time with his 1991 film Defending Your Life. But I’m in no […]